Specialized Supplements for Autistic Children – Beneficial for Your Child (Video)

Any parent who is concerned about their child’s health wants to do everything possible to help them. Vitamins for autistic kids can help their bodies in many ways. While there are many different types of supplements on the market, the ones that are made specifically for autistic children target their special needs. Many parents of autistic children understand the need for certain vitamins to help their child. Vitamins for autistic kids are formulated in such a way as to provide the greatest benefit. For example, if a child were to get a B6 vitamin supplement, it needs to be accompanied by magnesium because the B6 can lower the body’s magnesium levels. Many vitamins for autistic kids address this and other issues.

What if Your Child Can’t Swallow a Pill?

If you have a young child that is unable or unwilling to swallow a vitamin in pill form, there are other options. Some vitamin pills can be crushed and added to food, although they may have a strange taste since they were not meant to be used in this fashion. Always ask your pharmacist before doing this as the vitamin can have a quicker release time in the system, which may not be beneficial to your child. Other options include liquid vitamins as well as chewable which are meant to taste better.

If you are convinced that the pill vitamin is the best formulation for your child, there is a product you might want to look into. For roughly $7 you can purchase Pill Glide Spray. It is meant to work in a lubricant type fashion, not allowing the pill to ‘stick’ to the throat. This spray comes in grape, peach, bubblegum, and orange flavors. Each bottle contains over 200 sprays. The spray is sugar-free, non-allergenic, and contains no dye, gluten, or casein.

For older children there is a product called The Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup. You place the vitamin tablet in what looks like a large straw and fill the cup with water. When the child tries to suck the water out the pill goes to the back of the throat and the water helps to guide the pill down. This cup retails for $14.95 and has received a lot of positive feedback.

These are just a few products that can help with getting your child to swallow a vitamin. As with anything else, it may take a little trial and error before finding which one works best for your child. Finding the right way to help your child get these important vitamins may be just a mouse click away.