Dr. Deborah Snyder Implores Health Care Professionals To Recognise The Efficacy Of The Ketogenic Diet (Video)

Dr. Deborah Snyder

Addressing the International Symposium on Dietary Therapy for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders, mother and doctor Deborah Snyder reveals her first-hand experience of the ketogenic diet and its success in curing her son’s epilepsy. She implores health professionals to recognise the efficacy of the diet in stopping seizures and aims to dispel the myth that the diet is too difficult or not worth the effort.

Her son Bryce began to seize at age four. Within two months he was having up to 25 seizures per day and prescribed five different medications. Luckily his parents discovered the ketogenic diet very quickly after the onset of his illness and within three weeks he was seizure free and five years on is still seizure and medication free, no longer having to follow the diet.

Dr. Debra Snyder’s message is twofold: firstly she wants to educate both families and health care professionals that the diet is not too difficult and it is definitely worth the effort. Secondly she wants people to realise the importance of circulating the message about the ketogenic diet. It was whilst she was treating a young man in intensive care who had been seizing since the age of four that she realised that some parents and health care professionals are still ignorant to its efficacy. This young man now had mental retardation and had to feed through a tube. “It was a challenge looking at that boy and wondering if that could have been my son… and it could have been.” She goes on to say, “it is appalling and disgusting that for over two decades that boy saw multiple paediatric neurologists and not one mentioned the diet to his mother.”

This is a truly moving speech, during which Dr. Snyder offers her own take on why there are still so many barriers to the diet and practical advice for parents. To see Dr. Snyder’s speech click on the link below: