The Importance of Supplements (Video)

Supplements for autism can be just as important as diet. When the body is functioning at less than optimal health, it is crucial to give it everything it needs to work properly. Using supplements can aid the body in getting all of the vitamins and minerals it may not be getting in the diet. Many of our foods today are highly processed, overcooked, and lack the nutrients they did several generations ago. Processing, overcooking, and even microwaving can all rob food of vital nutrients.

Often times, the lack of nutrients stems from how our food gets from the field to the table. Years ago many people grew their own food. Those who didn’t grow their own would purchase foods from the local grocer, who in turn got their supply from local farmers. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for food to travel thousands of miles. During the time spent traveling, food is slowly losing nutrients. The longer it takes to get from the field to your table, the lower the nutrient content.

Talk to Your Doctor before Starting a Supplement Regimen

There are several reasons to discuss supplements with your doctor before beginning them. First, some types of supplements can interact with medications. Second, there is the possibility of getting too much of a certain vitamin or mineral. It is essential to know the proper dosage for children, as it can vary greatly from that of adults.

When choosing a brand, it is best to go with a reputable company. If your doctor doesn’t offer suggestions of which brand to buy, there are often very knowledgeable people working in whole food or health food stores. If you are looking to purchase supplements for an autistic child, ask your doctor which company they would recommend. There are several companies that manufacture supplements for children with autism.

If you are curious about a certain supplement, The Mayo Clinic has a searchable database which has many listed. If you are interested in looking something up, the address is:

As with any changes you are thinking about making, consult your physician and get their opinion first.