Simply Amazing Results Of Antiviral-Antifungal Therapy (Video)

In this video, a father recounts his trials and tribulations with his son Ethan. He discusses how Ethan began his life as a happy and healthy child with great joint attention. Slowly, Ethan began showing signs of autism, slipping away into his own world, completely unaware of the world around him, including his parent’s own voices. However, with the help of antiviral – antifungal therapy, Ethan has now recovered from autism.

By the time Ethan was two years old he had diffuse hypotonia, was unresponsive to pain, and had muscles that were “floppy” when they shouldn’t have been. He also had tactile defensiveness, a condition where he had trouble touching things with different textures. He had trouble maintaining or starting eye contact and didn’t laugh or smile at other people or show signs of enjoyment. Also, Ethan had severe language delayss.

Apart from his cognitive development, Ethan was sick. He had an overgrowth of both bacterial and fungal overgrowth in his intestines; consequently, his face was pale, his eyes were puffy with dark circles, and his tongue seemed to have a white coating on it all the time. He even started having microseizures and staring spells that alarmed his parents. It was clear that something had to change.

Physically, Ethans body didn’t always work properly. One of his eyes didn’t function as well as the other one and the way he walked was affected because he had an atypical gait.

People that worked with Ethan prior to his treatments detailed about the level of his unresponsiveness. His speech therapist noted that the only thing he responded to was a Mickey Mouse toy that spun around.

The After-effects Of Antiviral And Antifungal Therapy

Life began to change drastically after Ethan began his treatments. Within two days of beginning treatment Ethan had a “dye-off” reaction. This meant the yeast and viruses in his body were dying. He broke out in a rash and suffered from diarrhea. After day 21 of his treatment Ethan began to blossom and amaze his parents.

He began asking questions, engaging his parents, and playing with his father and laughing. One of the most exciting things Ethan began developing was empathy. In the video, when Ethan’s dad says he is sad Ethan quickly responds to try to comfort him by offering him his two toy trains.

His parents claim that diet helped, but that the huge gains Ethan made were a result of this therapy. Everyone who was around him believed his gains made were a direct result of the treatment.

Even Ethan’s behavioral specialist who instructed the family on Relationship Development Intervention was amazed at the difference in Ethan from when she began working with him compared to after treatment began. She said he had little to no attention span and had huge behavioral problems, including tantrums. He also wasn’t potty trained at three years old.

His therapist says she feels that “a lot of obstacles have been removed,” because now his body, mind, and speech are functioning at a completely different level than before. Other therapists claim the results are simply, “amazing.”

Ethan seems to be a completely typical child now and his future looks bright and happy. To see the video click the play button below: