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Leading Epilepsy Experts Call For Increased Use of The Ketogenic Diet (Video)

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Alternatives to Ketogenic Diet: What Foods Help Epilepsy?

Although a ketogenic diet can help improve epilepsy in your children, some parents may not want to alter their lifestyle in such a profound way. Various foods can be enjoyed that reduce these episodes without having to develop a strict method of eating. Perhaps your child is visiting a location where a ketogenic meal is […]

The Unseen Effects Of Doctor’s Censorship on Patients (Video)

Doctor’s have a huge amount of power over the degree of information they choose to give parents. Some may argue that they can only give what is appropriate and to overload a parent with information causes more harm than good. Unfortunately what the doctors don’t see it the effect this censorship has on families, especially […]

The Ketogenic Diet – When and Why? (Video)

Treating epilepsy with diet is not a new idea, but the question is when and why to try it. Many physicians suggest that it be tried with a child who has had no significant response to at least two medications. There are few cases in which it is the first choice for treatment against seizures. […]

Current Seizure Study Proves Successful for Some – Part 2 (Video)

There is a new study being done on the NeuroPace implant for epilepsy. This device aids in sensing seizures through small leads or wires placed where the seizures begin. The system works continually, reading the brain’s electrical activity. If something out of the ordinary happens, such as the onset of a seizure, the unit will […]

Hollywood Producer Unveils the Ketogenic Diet as an Effective Treatment (Audio)

Even the famous are not immune to the harsh reality of epilepsy. This was the case with Jim Abrahams, producer of hit comedy movies such as Airplane, Hot Shots, and The Naked Gun. It is not his Hollywood success that Abrahams states as his biggest accomplishment, but rather his pro-active approach in curing his son’s […]

One Mum’s Rage At Doctors Refusal To Take Ketogenic Diet Seriously (Video)

Speaking at the 2008 International Symposium on Dietary Therapy for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders, British Mum Emma Williams tells of her fight to get son Matthew on the ketogenic diet. In an address that brought tears to the eyes of not only this brave Mum but many in the audience, she speaks of her […]

Research Shows the Ketogenic Diet Reduces Seizures in Focal Epilepsy

In my last posting I reviewed some of the recent progress in research on the use of the ketogenic diet. In this posting I’d like to follow up by reviewing an exciting study published this past February by a group of French researchers on the use of the ketogenic diet for patients with focal epilepsy […]

Leverage the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet with KetoCal

Having a child with special needs of any kind can be difficult. Even something as simple sounding as a peanut allergy can be a nightmare to navigate. It sounds simple, right? I mean, avoid peanuts. Then you start looking at labels because you mention it to the waitress that you need a jelly and jelly […]