New Implantable Device to Detect and Halt Epileptic Seizures

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Current Seizure Study Proves Successful for Some – Part 2 (Video)

There is a new study being done on the NeuroPace implant for epilepsy. This device aids in sensing seizures through small leads or wires placed where the seizures begin. The system works continually, reading the brain’s electrical activity. If something out of the ordinary happens, such as the onset of a seizure, the unit will […]

Epilepsy Safety – Know How to Protect Yourself (Video)

Epilepsy safety should be a concern for anyone who experiences seizures. A goal for anyone with epilepsy should be to live life as fully as possible, while knowing there are simple ways to increase safety when having a seizure. Special care should always be taken when around water, including bathtubs. It may prove safest to […]