Helping Your Epileptic Teen Become Independent

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November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

National Epilepsy Awareness Month is sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation, a national advocacy group dedicated to informing the public of the condition. College students are trying to raise awareness of epilepsy and uncover the myths surrounding it. “Epilepsy is a disorder of inappropriate firing of neurons in the brain. While a seizure can happen in […]

Why Do Seizures Look Different? (Video)

What actually happens during a seizure? According to Dr. Karen Parko at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center, an electrical discharge happens in the brain. The brain uses electrical and chemical discharges to communicate with itself and the body. During a seizure, a group of neurons (brain cells) have an electrical discharge that can […]

Life Saving First Aid For Status Epilepticus (Video)

First Aid for seizures typically involves making the person comfortable, keeping them out of harm’s way and timing a seizure to ensure that it doesn’t last more than 5 minutes. However, when a person has a series of seizures in a row without gaining consciousness or a seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, they could […]

Expressions of Courage® Art Contest for People with Epilepsy Now Accepting Entries

Expressions of Courage, a national contest for people with epilepsy, will be open for entries through Aug. 28. The contest helps showcase the talent and inspiration of people across BlueHost优惠码 the country living with epilepsy. A panel of epilepsy advocates, art industry representatives and healthcare experts will serve as contest judges and will announce the […]

Migrating Partial Epilepsy of Infancy – Just 100 Cases Worldwide

Imagine being told that your son has an illness that has been recorded in only 100 children worldwide. Any diagnosis of epilepsy can come as a huge shock but for the Dyment family, to find out their son Justin has such a rare and debilitating form of epilepsy was extremely hard to bear. Whilst there […]