Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Adam’s life – Reflections
Why I Wrote This Book
Life Today: Simple Pleasures

Chapter 2 – The Diagnosis – Anxiety to Agony

The First Seizure
Visiting The Pediatrician
The Decision To Medicate
Hospital Admission & Diagnosis
Diagnosis – Lennox Gastaut Syndrome
Questioning The Decision To Medicate
Behavior Issues – In The Classroom
Tips for Managing Behavior

Chapter 3 – Autism, Searching For Help

Childhood Vaccinations – Cause For Concern
Autism and Vaccines – Fact or Fiction
Autism – Resource Articles & Books
Autistic Tendencies – Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
Understanding Autism

Chapter 4 – Epilepsy

Status Seizures – Life In The Balance
How Seizures Affect The Brain
Questioning The Doctors – 6 Drugs Later
Dangerous Behavior
Turning Point – Making Decisions

Chapter 5 – A look at Alternative Treatments

Educating myself and learning from other.
Testing For Allergies
How Diet Affects Hyperactive Behavior
Reality Check
Herbal Health
Health Magazine – A Viable Resource
Poor Diet, Poor Health – Constipation
Chiropractic – Health Restoration
Non-dairy Acidophilus
Life Balances Program

Chapter 6 – Family Dynamics

Our Family Grows
Respite Care And Support
Taking Control Of A Desperate Situation
The Drug Debate: Why The Push To Medicate?
Typical Side Effects Of Anti-convulsant Drugs
A Society Dependant On Drugs

Chapter 7 – The Ketogenic Diet

A Turning Point
Ketogenic Diet – A Diet Reborn
An Alternative Treatment For Epilepsy
The Ketogenic Diet – A treatment for Epilepsy
The Charlie Foundation
History Of The Ketogenic Diet
Diet Candidates – Can This Work For You?
The Science Behind The Diet
Getting Started – Gram By Gram … it’s A Cinch!
Traveling With The Diet
Recipe Review
Adverse Side Effects
Is This Diet Forever?

Chapter 8 – Neurotherapy

Education In The Classroom – F.V. Epilepsy Society
Magnetic Therapy
Meeting Dr. Swingle
What Is Neurotherapy?
Neurotherapy – A New Beginning
Benefits & Resources For Neurotherapy
Psychologists Report.
Final Visit To Children’s Hospital.
Life’s Lessons – Holding On When Things Get Tough

Chapter 9 – Living With Adam Today

A Happy Ending
Supplements – Mangosteen Juice
Time Magazine Article “The Secret Killer”, Feb. 23, 2004
If I Knew Then What I Know Now
High School Graduation
A Siblings Perspective
Adam Today – Continuing Life’s Journey
Welcome To Holland
Dreams For The Future – Personal Interview With Adam
Final Thoughts From Mom

Bonus #1 – The Planning Toolkit

Health Questionnaire
Starting the Ketogenic diet
Ketogenic Diet Tips and Tricks
Ketogenic Diet Recipes
Meal ideas for school lunches
Neurotherapy Overview
Food allergy testing
Life balances program
Support groups

Bonus #2 – Links and literature

Alternative treatment options
Managing behavior
Special diet planning and recipes
Links related to Autism
Links relating to a healthy body
Fun and Inspiration