What teachers NEED to know when dealing with a special needs child….

I got an email from a University student who is studying to become a teacher. She asked me what she might need to know when dealing with a special needs child in the classroom. GREAT QUESTION! I had to post this, because I think it will really help many people. This is all from my […]

Epilepsy Affects the Whole Family (Video)

What children with epilepsy go through can be very dramatic. Many have other health problems stemming from the epilepsy. Some children’s brains are so damaged that they can no longer talk, no longer walk, and many regress from where they were developmentally when the seizures began. It is not always practical for children with siblings […]

The Importance of Teaching Children About Epilepsy (Video)

Teaching children about epilepsy is very important, especially if a parent or close relative suffers from the disorder. It is a good idea to teach the child or children what epilepsy is, on a level that they can understand. If a child were to experience a parent having a seizure without knowing what was happening, […]

Teachers Need Educating About Epilepsy Too! (Video)

One of the biggest problems for children with disabilities is a lack of compassion, support and understanding at school, not just from fellow classmates but from teachers too. If a teacher doesn’t understand common conditions such as epilepsy or dyslexia symptoms can often be mistaken for bad behavior. mountainsphoto.ru In a video commercial produced by […]

8 Top Tips-Planning For Life After High School For Your Autistic Child

It’s called transition planning and it’s common for parents to be more stressed and concerned about life after high school than for a child with autism. However it can be a very difficult and scary time for a child because of change, leaving the structured world of special education. The reality is proper planning for […]

Parents Learn About The Endless Benefits Of Reading Aloud To Children

Reading to your child is critical for their development. In fact, there are endless benefits of reading aloud to children.dekor-okno.ru Children who are read to from a very young age grow up with a positive attitude about reading. Because they enjoyed being read to when young, they often have a natural interest in learning to […]

Lessons for Homeschooling your Child

Homeschooling is one of the best options for us moms of special needs children. Not only does it ensure that our children get the kind of special attention that their condition deserves, but we are the ones to give it to them! What more could a mom want, really? Here are some of the best […]

Learn Important Signs A Child Is Being Bullied

Being a parent of a child with a disability can be very difficult. Not only do you have to deal with living with your child’s disability, but you also have to deal with your child being treated differently by other people. Sometimes, this means that your child is getting picked on or bullied by other […]

Click n' Read… It's Simple With Phonics!

With the daily click of the mouse and touch of the keyboard your kids could learn to read in just a matter of months. Click n’ Read phonics is an award winning program that’s designed for kids of all abilities, including those with autism and dyslexia. Как составить семантическое ядро для сайта Many parents of […]

Research Shows Funetics Is The Best Early Reading Program

There are so many courses, CDs and workbooks out there claiming to be able to teach children as young as 3 to read. But do any of these methods actually work? Can they help special needs children to read? And do kids even enjoy learning to read at such a young age? Funetics is an […]