Medicating Your Child’s Epilepsy or Autism is NOT Always the Best or Only Choice (Audio)

Most parents seeking treatment for their epileptic or autistic children have found their choices in treating their child’s epilepsy are quite limited, if given any choice at all. Specialists often present the treatment of medication as the ONLY method of treatment, and parents might even feel bullied into accepting medications. While anti-convulsive medications do work […]

Following a Mom and Son on Their Incredible Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet (Audio)

The Ketogenic diet- now gaining popularity and recognition for seizure control and for even curing epilepsy- is an effective and increasingly used treatment in children. Although it is being respected for its effectiveness, it is often offered to parents as a last resort, only after medications and even surgeries fail. This episode of the Epilepsy […]

Hollywood Producer Unveils the Ketogenic Diet as an Effective Treatment (Audio)

Even the famous are not immune to the harsh reality of epilepsy. This was the case with Jim Abrahams, producer of hit comedy movies such as Airplane, Hot Shots, and The Naked Gun. It is not his Hollywood success that Abrahams states as his biggest accomplishment, but rather his pro-active approach in curing his son’s […]

Epilepsy Expert Clears up Myths about Teaches Epilepsy Basics (Audio)

Epilepsy. It is a word that conjures up feelings of fear, dread, the unknown, and of complex and not-understood medical terms. But, armed with the right information, epilepsy sufferers and even parents of epileptic children can fight through these feelings, and in turn find they have a greater chance of successfully treating seizures. In this […]

A Physician Describes Her Own Experiences with the Ketogenic Diet (Audio)

A complimentary follow-up to her previous podcasts about the ketogenic diet, Arlene Martell, founder of, discusses the common concern that implementing the diet is “too much work” or is “too hard on parents and the child”. She welcomes guest, Dr. Deborah Snyder, author of “Keto Kid: Helping Your Child Succeed on the Ketogenic Diet”. […]

How to Be Proactive In Finding Support for You and Your Child’s School (Audio)

Everyone who has a child with epilepsy understands the feeling of helplessness and isolation that often accompanies it. The fact is, in finding support in others and in educating those involved, you can find a great sense of hope in your journey through epilepsy. In this episode of the Epilepsy Moms podcast, Arlene Martell (founder […]

Overcome the Guilt Often Associated with Having a Child with Epilepsy (Audio)

Guilt is the last thing with which a parent of a child with epilepsy needs to deal with, especially on top of the daily challenges of taking care of that child and balancing family life poses. Unfortunately, it’s something that many parents feel… and only a few know how to overcome. A parent may feel […]