Abrahams Fight To Rid Son of Seizures: Full Report By Dateline NBC (Video)

Jim Abrahams, Founder of the Charlie Foundation

NBC’s Dateline has followed the story of Charlie Abrahams for over 10 years, charting his parents’ fight to get him on the ketogenic diet and keep him seizure free. Charlie is the son of top Hollywood director, Jim Abrahams, most famous for the movies Airplane, Naked Gun and Hot Shots. Jim’s life took a dramatic […]

Dr. Deborah Snyder Implores Health Care Professionals To Recognise The Efficacy Of The Ketogenic Diet (Video)

Dr. Deborah Snyder

Addressing the International Symposium on Dietary Therapy for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders, mother and doctor Deborah Snyder reveals her first-hand experience of the ketogenic diet and its success in curing her son’s epilepsy. She implores health professionals to recognise the efficacy of the diet in stopping seizures and aims to dispel the myth that […]

Award Winning Actress Meryl Streep Introduces the Ketogenic Diet (Video)

Meryl Streep Introduces the Ketogenic Diet

Hollywood star Meryl Streep was so moved by the Abrahams’ story that she decided to become involved in the fight to inform parents about the ketogenic diet. She narrates and introduces the information video made by the Charlie Foundation which is available to parents across the world. Streep was close friends with movie director Jim […]

Leading Epilepsy Experts Call For Increased Use of The Ketogenic Diet (Video)


Epilepsy experts and paediatric neurologists from around the world believe the ketogenic diet should be used more regularly as a treatment plan instead of a last resort. Speaking at the 2008 International Symposium for Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders, the experts were interviewed about the diet and reported high success rates for […]

The Unseen Effects Of Doctor’s Censorship on Patients (Video)


Doctor’s have a huge amount of power over the degree of information they choose to give parents. Some may argue that they can only give what is appropriate and to overload a parent with information causes more harm than good. Unfortunately what the doctors don’t see it the effect this censorship has on families, especially […]

Incredible Chocolate Ketogenic Brownies

I recently came across this recipe for Ketogenic Brownies! YUM – I sure wish we had these when Adam was on the diet. ÂEnjoy, but we sure to get this measured properly by your dietician! Incredible Chocolate Ketogenic Brownies This is a soft, cake-like brownie that is mildly sweet. After baking, cut brownies into 10 […]

Information and Resources on Gluten and Casein Free Diets for Children with Special Needs

Dietary Intervention is one of many treatments for children with Autism. One diet, specifically the gluten-free and casein-free diet is now wide known as a treatment worth trying. The reason for placing a child on this diet is best explained in the book, Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother’s Story […]

The What and Why of Probiotics (Video)

Probiotics and children’s health can go hand in hand. Probiotics are a type of healthy bacteria that are present in the digestive tract. They aid the body in proper digestion and are engaged in preventing an overgrowth of yeast in the system as well as other bacteria. Probiotics are also able to better incorporate Vitamin […]

Purple Power! (Video)

Many children don’t like to try new foods. But given the option of a healthy, vibrant colored smoothie they might just feel different. First of all, they come in fun colors (what child doesn’t like purple?), and look just like a shake. There are numerous ingredients you can add to make it healthy. With a […]

Easy Fixes to Better Nutrition (Video)

Many people have room for improvement in their food choices. For busy parents it can be difficult to juggle making healthy meals with everything else on the schedule such as: work, helping the kids with homework, and traveling to and from soccer games, scout meetings, and the likes. Many people have found that keeping healthy […]