Alternatives to Ketogenic Diet: What Foods Help Epilepsy?

Although a Ketogenic diet can help improve epilepsy in your children, some parents may not want to alter their lifestyle in such a profound way. Various foods can be enjoyed that reduce these episodes without having to develop a strict method of eating. Perhaps your child is visiting a location where a Ketogenic meal is […]

Incredible Chocolate Ketogenic Brownies

I recently came across this recipe for Ketogenic Brownies! YUM – I sure wish we had these when Adam was on the diet. ÂEnjoy, but we sure to get this measured properly by your dietician! Incredible Chocolate Ketogenic Brownies This is a soft, cake-like brownie that is mildly sweet. After baking, cut brownies into 10 […]

Doose Syndrome and the Ketogenic Diet

Article submitted by parent and reprinted with permission: Oh yes I have a story. Last March my husband got a job in Arkansas and he moved while me and our girls stayed in Dallas another week. We moved a week later and we went to eat at a local restaurant and our daughter Kate fell […]

Research Shows the Ketogenic Diet Reduces Seizures in Focal Epilepsy

In my last posting I reviewed some of the recent progress in research on the use of the ketogenic diet. In this posting I’d like to follow up by reviewing an exciting study published this past February by a group of French researchers on the use of the ketogenic diet for patients with focal epilepsy […]

Research About The Ketogenic Diet and Childhood Epilepsy Is Moving Forward

The parents of kids with epilepsy in this community might be interested to know that research on the effect of dietary therapy on childhood epilepsy is moving forward rapidly. The ketogenic diet, if you’re not already familiar with it, is a diet that carefully controls and balances nutrients to provide low carbs, adequate protein, and […]

The Ketogenic Diet — An amazing interview with Jim Abrahams, Hollywood Director and Founder of the Charlie Foundation

Having the opportunity tochat with Jim Abrahamsfrom the Charlie Foundation was a real honor. It was because of Jim that my son Adam is seizure and drug free today! The ketogenic diet changed our lives and it was wonderful to chat with Jim for an hour as he recounted his story of his own son […]

Mother Uses Ketogenic Diet and Neurotherapy to Help Son Become Seizure Free and Escape from Autistic Rituals

Having a child with epilepsy and autism has been the biggest challenge of my life.I have a great story to share with other parents because despite the daily difficulties we faced, after 6 failed medications, I foundtwo alternative treatments that I did not know existed that changed my son’s life forever. From the time Adam […]

The Ketogenic Diet – Top 10 Supplies You Can NOT Live Without!

I can definitely talk from experience on this topic and am happy to share all the little tips and tricks I learned to make my experience with the ketogenic diet much more enjoyable! Especially for parents first starting the diet, there is definately a learning curve and I sure appreciated any advice I could get. […]