November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

National Epilepsy Awareness Month is sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation, a national advocacy group dedicated to informing the public of the condition. College students are trying to raise awareness of epilepsy and uncover the myths surrounding it. “Epilepsy is a disorder of inappropriate firing of neurons in the brain. While a seizure can happen in […]

Incredible Chocolate Ketogenic Brownies

I recently came across this recipe for Ketogenic Brownies! YUM – I sure wish we had these when Adam was on the diet. ÂEnjoy, but we sure to get this measured properly by your dietician! Incredible Chocolate Ketogenic Brownies This is a soft, cake-like brownie that is mildly sweet. After baking, cut brownies into 10 […]

The Story of Trevor Park – Using the Andrews-Reiter Approach

I have been dealing with my epilepsy ever since I was 13. I started getting grand mal seizures lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. I would black out, and the seizures would leave me confused, sore and usually lying on the ground. Having seizures changed my outlook on life. I realized: stepping […]

Research Shows the Ketogenic Diet Reduces Seizures in Focal Epilepsy

In my last posting I reviewed some of the recent progress in research on the use of the ketogenic diet. In this posting I’d like to follow up by reviewing an exciting study published this past February by a group of French researchers on the use of the ketogenic diet for patients with focal epilepsy […]

Research About The Ketogenic Diet and Childhood Epilepsy Is Moving Forward

The parents of kids with epilepsy in this community might be interested to know that research on the effect of dietary therapy on childhood epilepsy is moving forward rapidly. The ketogenic diet, if you’re not already familiar with it, is a diet that carefully controls and balances nutrients to provide low carbs, adequate protein, and […]

The Ketogenic Diet — An amazing interview with Jim Abrahams, Hollywood Director and Founder of the Charlie Foundation

Having the opportunity tochat with Jim Abrahamsfrom the Charlie Foundation was a real honor. It was because of Jim that my son Adam is seizure and drug free today! The ketogenic diet changed our lives and it was wonderful to chat with Jim for an hour as he recounted his story of his own son […]

The most AMAZING Video I Have Ever Seen: Beautiful Minds: Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire from London is a star among savants. Stephen is autistic. He did not speak his first words or “pencil” and “paper” until he was 5 years old. Yet, when he was age 11 he drew a perfect aerial view of London after only one helicopter ride. For this film they tested the “Living […]

Semiahmoo House Young Adults Travel with Peers Instead of Parents

Today, my son Adam left on a very special trip to Disneyland. Why it was so special is because it was a trip that catered to a group of special needs kids who wanted to travel as young adults without their parents! All these kids are teens and young adults who have a mental handicap […]