Family Emergency Plans – Accommodating Members with Special Needs

Family disaster planning might not seem like a huge deal, but if a member of your family has special needs then you could be looking at a whole other set of circumstances. Individuals requiring special attention have many of the same basic needs as you or me, but different stages of a disaster could prove […]

Everyday Health TV – Show airing October 22/11 on Seizure Dogs

Hi everyone, There is a great program coming up you should all watch. Everyday Health has a new TV series that profiles ordinary people who overcome extraordinary obstacles and who are helping others lead healthier,happier lives.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download See how these four-legged helpers can impact the lives of epilepsy patients, […]

Epilepsy Conference Toronto: Andrew-Reiter Treatment Discussed

Epilepsy Conference Toronto – October 14, 15th, 2011 The conference is sponsored by John Park & Ellen Novack. We are sponsoring this conference in the hope that this treatment, the Andrews-Reiter approach, will reach other patients and parents, so they will not have to go through what we experienced for the first 13 years of […]

One-way and Two-way Baby Monitors: A Comparison of Merits

One product of modern technology that has come as a god-send to parents is the baby monitor. The gadget has evolved from a simple transmitter and receiver kind to today’s highly improved varieties. Today, parents are seeing greater freedom to attend to their other responsibilities without compromising on their primary responsibility of baby care. Baby […]

Expressions of Courage® Art Contest for People with Epilepsy Now Accepting Entries

Expressions of Courage, a national contest for people with epilepsy, will be open for entries through Aug. 28. The contest helps showcase the talent and inspiration of people across BlueHost优惠码 the country living with epilepsy. A panel of epilepsy advocates, art industry representatives and healthcare experts will serve as contest judges and will announce the […]

To Honour Grandparents

Contributed by Shirley Price Цоколь из керамогранита Grandparents play a major part in the lives of many children. There is a wealth of wisdom, and a ton of love that many of these children get in addition to that of their parents. It really is a two way street because as much as the children […]

All Children Are Not Born Equal – Helping a Child’s Self Esteem

My parents were both lucky and very blessed. They had five very healthy children who were easily high achievers in grade school, high school, and college. It was probably a good thing for them too, because I was raised on a working dairy farm in mid-Michigan and my father worked two farms about 17 miles […]

Newsweek Magazine Shows Real Effects of Epilepsy

Finally, a thorough article outlining the complexities and dangers of having epilepsy. The April 20th edition of Newsweek magazine did a front page story on “The Mystery of Epilepsy – Why we must find a cure”. Great to see this kind of recognition from a major publisher. 13 Full pages have been dedicated to the […]

Ten Tips For Raising A Child With Special Needs!

Recently I started to blog on another Epilepsy website called based in Chicago. The executive director, Erin Leyden who I was able to meet in person, set me up my own personal blog on her website. My recent blog talks about Ten Tips For Raising A Child With Special Needs! Having dealt with these […]

First Aid for Seizures

Here’s an item of epilepsy news that can’t be repeated too often. WebMD offers sound advice about how to respond when someone has a seizure. The most important rule is this: Don’t panic. Seizures can appear frightening, but they only last a few minutes at the most. They look like a medical emergency, but they’re […]