Debunking Myths about Epilepsy

Several educational websites have posted a kind of epilepsy news that isn’t really news at all. Organizations in the US and the UK are combating common myths about epilepsy. They’re correcting common misperceptions with accurate information about epilepsy, its causes, treatment, and what it’s like to live with this condition. Common myths about what causes […]

Out of the Shadows: Teens with Epilepsy Take Charge

Testing the YouTube functionality. It seems to be working ok, however I am having trouble centering the video on the page. So far so good. Discuss this with the support group.

Educational Epilepsy Video

Justin and Shelby Martell are both featured in this 30-second commercial that was produced in the mid 90’s. Since that time this commercial has been played around the world thanks to the dligent efforts of Laura Yakes from The Center forEpilepsy & Seizure Education in British Columbia. Discuss this with the support group.

Semiahmoo House Young Adults Travel with Peers Instead of Parents

Today, my son Adam left on a very special trip to Disneyland. Why it was so special is because it was a trip that catered to a group of special needs kids who wanted to travel as young adults without their parents! All these kids are teens and young adults who have a mental handicap […]