Expressions of Courage® Art Contest for People with Epilepsy Now Accepting Entries

Expressions of Courage, a national contest for people with epilepsy, will be open for entries through Aug. 28. The contest helps showcase the talent and inspiration of people across BlueHost优惠码 the country living with epilepsy. A panel of epilepsy advocates, art industry representatives and healthcare experts will serve as contest judges and will announce the […]

Research About The Ketogenic Diet and Childhood Epilepsy Is Moving Forward

The parents of kids with epilepsy in this community might be interested to know that research on the effect of dietary therapy on childhood epilepsy is moving forward rapidly. The ketogenic diet, if you’re not already familiar with it, is a diet that carefully controls and balances nutrients to provide low carbs, adequate protein, and […]

Epilepsy Continues for Son Peter Age 27

Diagnosis: a large abdominal mass Prognosis: being a vegetable! Luckily the good experienced doctors got it all wrong. My name is Sam and I want to share with you my son Peter’s story of epilepsy since 1990. I’ll cut this as short as I can. You will note that in my story the fine […]

Newsweek Magazine Shows Real Effects of Epilepsy

Finally, a thorough article outlining the complexities and dangers of having epilepsy. The April 20th edition of Newsweek magazine did a front page story on “The Mystery of Epilepsy – Why we must find a cure”. Great to see this kind of recognition from a major publisher. 13 Full pages have been dedicated to the […]

Ten Tips For Raising A Child With Special Needs!

Recently I started to blog on another Epilepsy website called based in Chicago. The executive director, Erin Leyden who I was able to meet in person, set me up my own personal blog on her website. My recent blog talks about Ten Tips For Raising A Child With Special Needs! Having dealt with these […]

Treatment Options for Epilepsy

Once a diagnosis of epilepsy is made, the next step is to decide how to treat it. These days, there are several treatment options for epilepsy. In a few cases, avoiding a known trigger for seizures may prevent them. However, you may not be able to avoid all seizure triggers—and avoiding them may not completely […]

Epilepsy Medications and Their Side Effects

Medications and side effects always come together. The most important goal is to control the seizures. If medication is prescribed, the goal must be to control the seizures with the fewest side effects possible!One must weigh thebenefits of controlling seizureswith the risks posed by side effects of anti-seizure medications. This is largely depend on how […]

First Aid for Seizures

Here’s an item of epilepsy news that can’t be repeated too often. WebMD offers sound advice about how to respond when someone has a seizure. The most important rule is this: Don’t panic. Seizures can appear frightening, but they only last a few minutes at the most. They look like a medical emergency, but they’re […]

Mother Uses Ketogenic Diet and Neurotherapy to Help Son Become Seizure Free and Escape from Autistic Rituals

Having a child with epilepsy and autism has been the biggest challenge of my life.I have a great story to share with other parents because despite the daily difficulties we faced, after 6 failed medications, I foundtwo alternative treatments that I did not know existed that changed my son’s life forever. From the time Adam […]

The Ketogenic Diet – Top 10 Supplies You Can NOT Live Without!

I can definitely talk from experience on this topic and am happy to share all the little tips and tricks I learned to make my experience with the ketogenic diet much more enjoyable! Especially for parents first starting the diet, there is definately a learning curve and I sure appreciated any advice I could get. […]