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Award Winning Actress Meryl Streep Introduces the Ketogenic Diet (Video)

Hollywood star Meryl Streep was so moved by the Abrahams’ story that she decided to become involved in the fight to inform parents about the ketogenic diet. She narrates and introduces the information video made by the Charlie Foundation which is available to parents across the world. Streep was close friends with movie director Jim […]

Leading Epilepsy Experts Call For Increased Use of The Ketogenic Diet (Video)

Epilepsy experts and paediatric neurologists from around the world believe the ketogenic diet should be used more regularly as a treatment plan instead of a last resort. Speaking at the 2008 International Symposium for Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders, the experts were interviewed about the diet and reported high success rates for […]

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Helping Your Epileptic Teen Become Independent

Raising a child with epilepsy can pose several challenges for both you and your child. In addition to ensuring your child has adequate medical care, you’ll keep him as safe as you can as he grows. From his first steps to his first day at school, you may find yourself fighting the urge to keep […]

Alternatives to Ketogenic Diet: What Foods Help Epilepsy?

Although a ketogenic diet can help improve epilepsy in your children, some parents may not want to alter their lifestyle in such a profound way. Various foods can be enjoyed that reduce these episodes without having to develop a strict method of eating. Perhaps your child is visiting a location where a ketogenic meal is […]

The Unseen Effects Of Doctor’s Censorship on Patients (Video)

Doctor’s have a huge amount of power over the degree of information they choose to give parents. Some may argue that they can only give what is appropriate and to overload a parent with information causes more harm than good. Unfortunately what the doctors don’t see it the effect this censorship has on families, especially […]

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

National Epilepsy Awareness Month is sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation, a national advocacy group dedicated to informing the public of the condition. College students are trying to raise awareness of epilepsy and uncover the myths surrounding it. “Epilepsy is a disorder of inappropriate firing of neurons in the brain. While a seizure can happen in […]