Alternatives to Ketogenic Diet: What Foods Help Epilepsy?

Although a Ketogenic diet can help improve epilepsy in your children, some parents may not want to alter their lifestyle in such a profound way. Various foods can be enjoyed that reduce these episodes without having to develop a strict method of eating. Perhaps your child is visiting a location where a Ketogenic meal is […]

Treatment Options for Epilepsy

Once a diagnosis of epilepsy is made, the next step is to decide how to treat it. These days, there are several treatment options for epilepsy. In a few cases, avoiding a known trigger for seizures may prevent them. However, you may not be able to avoid all seizure triggers—and avoiding them may not completely […]

Mother Uses Ketogenic Diet and Neurotherapy to Help Son Become Seizure Free and Escape from Autistic Rituals

Having a child with epilepsy and autism has been the biggest challenge of my life.I have a great story to share with other parents because despite the daily difficulties we faced, after 6 failed medications, I foundtwo alternative treatments that I did not know existed that changed my son’s life forever. From the time Adam […]

Understanding the Benefits of Neurotherapy

A Natural and Holistic Approach for the Treatment of Seizure Disorders While many are not familiar with the concept of neurotherapy, the process has shown tremendous promise for many afflicted with a variety of diseases, including Epilepsy. Neurotherapy is a process that works by stimulating portions of the brain to encourage repair and re-development. Neurotherapy […]