How to Naturally Treat your Child’s Attention Deficit Disorder

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Alternatives to Ketogenic Diet: What Foods Help Epilepsy?

Although a ketogenic diet can help improve epilepsy in your children, some parents may not want to alter their lifestyle in such a profound way. Various foods can be enjoyed that reduce these episodes without having to develop a strict method of eating. Perhaps your child is visiting a location where a ketogenic meal is […]

Alternative Treatments for Epilepsy Overlooked by Traditional Medicine (Video)

In a 2008 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Symposium, Dr. Frederick S. Cramer discussed epilepsy and the hyperbaric chamber. It has long been known that a high dose of oxygen causes seizures. In the past, if a person were predisposed to having seizures they would be turned down from using a hyperbaric chamber to help any other […]

Can the Raw Food Diet Stop Seizures? (Video)

Many people believe that a raw food diet is essential to health, well-being, and vitality. The belief behind the raw food diet is that when food is cooked, essential vitamins and minerals are depleted from the food, which are so important for the body and all of 搬瓦工 its functions. Years ago it was necessary […]

Infrared Sauna Therapy for Autism Recovery (Video)

Many children with autism have been found to have higher than usual levels of heavy metals. This could be because they have less ability to excrete them or it could be due to overexposure. These heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminium and cadmium can be linked to some of the behavioural problems associated with autism. […]

Simply Amazing Results Of Antiviral-Antifungal Therapy (Video)

In this video, a father recounts his trials and tribulations with his son Ethan. He discusses how Ethan began his life as a happy and healthy child with great joint attention. Slowly, Ethan began showing signs of autism, slipping away into his own world, completely unaware of the world around him, including his parent’s own […]

The Use of Digestive Enzymes for Kids with Autism

It’s well documented that many autistic children suffer from some form of digestive disorder. For some that manifests as constipation, diarrhea, bloating or abdominal pain. Or they may have no obvious symptoms but within their digestive tract there may be inflammation, leaky gut and food intolerances which may be linked to their behavioral problems. межвенцовые […]

The Family Hope Centre for Autism: Where Hope Comes Home

This groundbreaking treatment centre in Pennsylvania is providing much needed hope for children with conditions such as autism, epilepsy, learning difficulties and ADD. What makes this centre unique is the focus is on recovery, rather than attempts to simply manage and control Any parent whose child has been diagnosed with an illness which affects […]

Chelation Therapy and Detoxifying Heavy Metals: What Parents Need to Know

There has been a lot of negative press and fear surrounding chelation therapy with many parents not knowing whether this is a suitable method for getting rid of heavy metals. However studies and experts are revealing that it is one of the most effective methods to detoxify heavy metals from the body and has been […]

Pill to Treat Autism!

I haven’t told anyone, but for the past week myself and my two sons have been taking a handful of these pills a day, and the results are tremendous. Ian’s eye contact is near perfect and, when he makes eye contact, his eyes are very, very clear (but not glassy like they can often appear). […]