If you are struggling to cope with your child's epilepsy... you are not alone!

A mother's triumph over epilepsy and autism!

A true recounting of how Arlene took her son Adam, who was pale, sleepy, weak, frustrated, discouraged and rightfully enraged – overall just very, very sick, to the remarkable young man he is today – seizure free, vibrant, happy and full of life!

  • Are you feeling scared, lonely, or helpless?
  • Growing weary of adverse side effects of medications?
  • Is your child deteriorating mentally and physically?
  • Are you ready to challenge conventional medicine?

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The book is a story of hope. It is our story of Adam caught in the whirlwind of tragic illness, the alternative treatments that worked, and the opportunity to help other families who need encouragement.

James Martell James Martell
Adam's Dad