The Ketogenic Diet – Top 10 Supplies You Can NOT Live Without!

I can definitely talk from experience on this topic and am happy to share all the little tips and tricks I learned to make my experience with the ketogenic diet much more enjoyable! Especially for parents first starting the diet, there is definately a learning curve and I sure appreciated any advice I could get. There are lots of little things that can make the adjustment easier!

My son Adam started the ketogenic diet when he was 8 years old. He was the twelfth child on the diet in our entire province of British Columbia, Canada. We were in the hospital for about 5 days and he was fasted for three days before starting the diet.ÂI remember the whole experience quite well as I was anxious about the work involved and the possibility for seizure reduction. When I started out, I was so slow at weighing and figuring out the meal plans but within a few weeks, I was comfortable and more organized so it was not muchÂextra work at all.

Although most kids are on the diet about 2 years,ÂAdam was on the ketogenic diet for a total of 5 years so through the years of perseverance, I needed to find ways to make the daily task of measuring and weighing more manageable.

I developed a list of the top 10 supplies I needed to have to keep me organized and make things much easier at home, school and when traveling!

1. Gram Scale

The gram scale is probably the most important piece of equipment you will need as it is the main tool for calculating the weight of the food. An accurate scale is essential and must display weights in one-tenth gram increments plus it must be portable. Electronic digital scales are a bit more expensive but are more accurate to the gram which is mandatory.

2. Waffle Iron

My little secret! I used a small waffle iron (not Belgium) to make a variety of meals for Adam which were a life saver for school lunches. I would use the egg allotment and pour it into the waffle iron. It would come out crispy and look like a waffle! To make a sandwich (which we called a bacon waffle rollup), we spread the cooled waffle with butter, cream cheese and bacon and rolled them up like a sandwich. For breakfast I would make the waffle and add whipped crème and sliced strawberries. Yummy. Now, parents can order really cool waffle irons that show the face of characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. How fun would that be for a kid!

3. Whipped Cream Dispenser

Another wonderful invention! This handy little bottle holds a quart of cream and then chargers are used to give the cream a fullness just like you would get from a can of whipped cream. It is great for making Jello parfaits and to whip the cream on the waffles! The cream is fluffier and looks like a lot more volume than by beating the cream with a beater. Totally worth the price and no more whipping the cream by hand!

4. Nursery Monitor

Like most parents – I could not sleep with my door closed anticipating my son having a seizure. I could not bear to be there if a seizure hit and most happened early in the morning as he was waking.ÂA simple nursery monitor eased my anxiety as even when Adam was having a nap, I could hear him breathing which eased my mind.

5. Portable Blender

I loved the Magic Bullet. It makes blending so easy. I used it to scramble eggs, whip cream for Popsicles, to make the cream of broccoli soup, eggnog among other things. Just a really handy tool for the diet and lots of other kitchen uses for the whole family.

6. Flax Seed Oil

A good heart healthy choice for adding more fat to the diet with little or no carbohydrate or protein so it doesn’t take away from the food served.ÂFlax seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids – the good fats which are required for the health of almost all body systems. It also does not have the fishy taste and there are a number of ways to take it.

7.ÂConstipation remedy

Adam had a real challenge with constipation while on medications. Especially on the ketogenic diet, it was hard to get the recommended fruits and vegetables to naturally start the elimination process. The fiber just was not enough in the diet. To remedy this, I found an amazing product. It is called “experience” and boy it was an experience. I would give it to Adam when needed and it always kept him regular and cleanse the colon. You cannot buy it in health food stores. It is found only from a company called Awareness corporation.

8. Storage Containers & Insulated Cooler

A must for storing food and school lunches. I always made as much ahead of time as possible. I would make a pound of bacon, slice vegetables etc and store them in small containers. For the cream, I would dilute with water and add to a plastic cup with lid.

For Jello I would use plastic parfait cups plus make cream into popsicle molds for variety. Don’t forget the bendable straws to get every drop. I also purchased a small insulated cooler with an ice pack for travel to keep the food cold.

9. Egg Slicer

I loved this handy little slicer. It cut a boiled egg into 10 thin slices to use for salads. I also used it to slice strawberries. Just really inexpensive and a bit time saver.

10. Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

There were lots of little things I did to make the food more fun. I bought bendable straws and straws in fun shapes. I bought real parfait glasses and layered the whipped cream with jello in a pattern. I served the food on a smaller plate so it looked like it filled the whole plate. I bought a bright color storage dishes and cups. I bought a snow cone machine that made ice shavings and put allowed flavorings on top. I also bought a small crepe pan and used the eggs to make crepes and fill with whipped cream and strawberries. I cut his butter cookies with a cookie cutter for fun shapes. For his birthday I always made his favorite “cake” called the ketogenic cheesecake and made a big deal that it was just for him!

I hope this all helps to make your life easier!

Take care,

Arlene Martell

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