What to Do If You Get the Flu and Have Seizures

Having the flu is bad enough for those who are in prime physical condition. Many complications can arise to make for a miserable and potentially dangerous situation. What happens when you’re subjected to this virus and suffer from seizures? The danger can be easily amplified as your body strives to regain control. It’s not unheard of for someone to suffer from febrile seizures who has never experienced seizures before due to fevers. Essentially, the flu greatly compounds the problem for those who are afflicted by epilepsy and other mental diseases that cause these seizures. How can you prevent yourself from becoming infected?

1. Regular Vitamins – While a simple vitamin won’t ultimately protected you or your child from sickness, preventative measures can greatly reduce the risk of getting the flu. Making sure your family receives proper allotments of the vitamins and minerals they need to protect themselves, you can help ensure a safe flu season. Just remember that vitamin C isn’t the only vitamin or mineral that can help build a strong immune system from infections and virus attacks. Even if you or your child contract the flu, regular vitamins can help the body recover faster than without.

2. Proteins – Eating meat, fish and eggs provides your body with a great deal of nutrients that help the body fight off illness and fortify the immune system. These foods are loaded with vitamin B6 and B12, a strong immunity boosting combination. This includes beef, chicken, pork and most dairy products. This is aside from the various other improvements that these foods offer the human body in terms of healthy eating.

3. Spinach – Although it is hated by multitudes of children around the world, spinach is one of the most potent greens the human body can consume. This plant is loaded with zinc, vitamin C, calcium and a great deal of other necessities to keep the body healthy. While it may not look appealing when emptied from a can, you are hard pressed to find a more healthy food. In its boiled state, spinach is incredibly healthy, however, it can be a great asset if its raw as well. Using raw spinach in salads can provide some of those health benefits while increasing the taste value for yourself and especially the children.

4. Saturation – One of the most important aspects to any circumstance surrounding health is to make sure the human body is well hydrated. If you or your children experience flu-like symptoms, it is important that everyone involved keeps the flow of water regular. Water does more than just simply quench your thirst. It helps the body replenish liquids lost during the illness as well as helps fortify your cardiovascular and nervous systems.

5. Glutathione – When it comes to becoming sick or being sick, strengthening the immunity system is vital. Foods that contain glutathione reinforce the body’s ability to fight off illnesses. This mineral is found in watermelons, broccoli and cabbage. Again, it’s easier to convince children to eat raw veggies than it is to cook them. The point is to get them into the body.

Practicing preventative measures is one of the best ways to not succumb to being sick. This includes regularly washing hands, eating right and not putting yourself or your children into a position to become sick. Be mindful of what you put into your body.

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