The Ketogenic Diet — An amazing interview with Jim Abrahams, Hollywood Director and Founder of the Charlie Foundation

Having the opportunity tochat with Jim Abrahamsfrom the Charlie Foundation was a real honor. It was because of Jim that my son Adam is seizure and drug free today! The ketogenic diet changed our lives and it was wonderful to chat with Jim for an hour as he recounted his story of his own son Charlie and the struggles they went through trying to gain seizure control.

He says he hears the same story over and over again. A bright child gets medicated and multiple drugs are used with terrible side effects and often little success. The problem is that as parents, we know something bad it happening to our children and we are not given all the options by our doctors.

Charlie was seen by 5 of the best neurologists who all agreed with each other. They all felt that medication was the best option and gave little hope with a diagnosis of continued seizures and progressive mental retardation.

Thank goodness Jim Abrahams did not accept this diagnosis and after mountains of research found the Ketogenic diet through Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Millicent Kellie, a dietician along with Dr. John Freeman had been perfecting this diet which was introduced in 1920. Thousands of kids have had great results on the diet and have become completely seizure free and medication free where the drugs failed.

Shame on doctors who continue to push the medications to helpless kids when they know that the chances of the second drug working is only about 15% when the first anti-seizure medication fails. Shame on them for not disclosing the ketogenic diet as an option for parents and letting them make their own decision about their child’s health.

I am thankful to Jim for sharing his story so publicly and founding an organization that trains dieticians and doctors through lectures and symposiums all over the world. It is parents like this who care enough about other families that allowed me – a mom in another country to benefit and give my child a chance at a real future.

I hope youenjoy the podcastas much as I enjoyed hosting it. There is much that you can learn and it is my turn to pay it forward!

Wishing you the best!

Arlene Martell

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