Why Sharing Your Two Cents is Priceless

Finding people that understand is literally priceless. The only thing I love more than contributing to this site is receiving and reading comments from fellow members of the epilepsyMoms community, so thanks for your comments and please keep them coming!

After I read comments or emails from other parents, I am usually reminded of a few things…

I’m reminded that I’m not the only one in the world doing ‘this’ – as in parenting a child, in my case children, with special and exceptional needs.

I’m reminded of how I felt 13 years ago – the first time I ever heard the phrase “developmental evaluation”. When my now 12 year old son was diagnosed with autism in 1998, the prevalence rate was 4-5:10,000. I’ll never forget that. When my now 14 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 8, I remember how very few people knew what that was – ditto for ‘autism spectrum disorder’. So, I make tremendous efforts to help parents of children recently diagnosed. My first mission? Connect them to other parents and, sadly, there are too many parents of children with autism and related disorders who understand.

I’m reminded there is hope. I enjoy parents sharing their successes and triumphs. I applaud the researchers relentlessly investigating autism’s cause, treatment and cure.Â

Better then that, I’m reminded that humor is a beautiful thing and one emotion parents like me rely on for sanity. Children do some pretty funny things and having a literal understanding of language can result in hysterical stories, so if you have any of those, do share!

I’m reminded to feel grateful. I know, I know… that sounds insane to those who do not have a child with autism, so let me clarify. I do not feel grateful for my son’s autism or my other son’s Asperger Syndrome . Instead, I feel grateful we’ve made so much progress. I’m grateful for my abilities and I’m so grateful to be their mother…

So if you ever have the urge or opportunity to share your comments, experience, story, 2 cents or ruthless criticism, make sure you do – on this site and on other sites to which you belong – you’re doing a lot more then making your opinion known and I thank you in advance.

Dare I say it again? Post your comments below.