Ten Tips For Raising A Child With Special Needs!

Recently I started to blog on another Epilepsy website called EpilepsyOutreach.org based in Chicago. The executive director, Erin Leyden who I was able to meet in person, set me up my own personal blog on her website.

My recent blog talks about Ten Tips For Raising A Child With Special Needs!

Having dealt with these challenges for 18 years now, I was able to come up with these important tips for parents who may be overwhelmed and need a little encouragement and direction.

I hope you enjoy the blogs found here:

Arlene Martell

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About Arlene Martell

Arlene Martell is the publisher of EpilepsyMoms.com and the author of Getting Adam Back – A Mother's triumph over Epilepsy and Autism. She resides in a seaside suburb on Vancouver BC Canada with her husband James and their four children Adam, Justin, Shelby and Victoria.