November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

National Epilepsy Awareness Month is sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation, a national
advocacy group dedicated to informing the public of the condition. College students are trying to raise awareness of epilepsy and uncover the myths surrounding it.

“Epilepsy is a disorder of inappropriate firing of neurons in the brain. While a seizure can happen in isolation, epilepsy is a recurring condition,” said Julian McCreary, student pharmacist intern at the Student Health Center at the University of Texas El Paso Campus, “I don’t know how it started or where it comes from, but a common misconception about people having seizures is to stick something in their mouth, like your fingers, to prevent them from choking. Don’t do that, it’s a good way to lose your finger.”

At the University a group called Students for Awareness and Community Service (SFACS), will be hosting events for epilepsy throughout the month.

“SFACS got involved with national epilepsy awareness month because the founder has epilepsy. Her goal for November was to promote awareness, educate people and to let people with epilepsy know that they are not alone,” said Tracy Lopez, junior physics major and president of SFACS.

Twice a week during the month of November students will be handing out information, lavender ribbons, raising money for the epilepsy foundation, and educating people about suitable recovery methods.

“The reason why epilepsy in general is important is because it doesn’t receive enough support, attention and funding,” Lopez said. “In SFACS, we try to educate the student body and community.”

Another resource for those interested is the Epilepsy Foundation website, which lists a wide variety of activities that individuals can participate in to raise awareness on a small scale to spread the word.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation’s website, one in 10 adults will have a seizure sometime in their life.

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