Leverage the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet with KetoCal

Having a child with special needs of any kind can be difficult. Even something as simple sounding as a peanut allergy can be a nightmare to navigate. It sounds simple, right? I mean, avoid peanuts. Then you start looking at labels because you mention it to the waitress that you need a jelly and jelly sandwich due to your son’s peanut allergy and she gets a serious look on her face.

Turns out that the son of a friend of hers, who was also allergic to peanuts, ate a jelly bean and almost died! No one could figure out what was wrong, but it turns out the same conveyor belt that the jelly beans ride on to be bagged is the same conveyor belt that a peanut clustered chocolate candy rides on and there you have it: peanut oil left behind caused anaphylactic shock and the boy almost died! So there you are, in the aisle at the supermarket, reading the ingredients list on a can of tuna!!

As long as children have been getting sick, parents have been trying to cure them. Much like the Gluten Free Casein Free, “Autism Diet” exists for children with autism, there is a nutritional support for children with epilepsy. The ketogenic diet changes the way your child’s body makes energy and this alternate process has been shown to reduce and even eradicate seizures in children, especially when the seizures are related to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and it may be a good idea for children for whom other treatments have failed to control seizures. Much like anything worth doing, you have to do it right. This diet should be attempted under the supervision of a doctor. It must be followed all the time and not just when it is convenient, or easy.

Alternative Treatments for Epilepsy in Children

The ketogenic diet has been a viable treatment for children with epilepsy for over a hundred years. Ketones are created when your body burns fat for energy instead of glucose. The purpose of this diet is to get the body to burn fat instead of glucose, and to do this you must restrict carbohydrates and follow a strict diet which usually includes vitamins and minerals and precisely measured meals. The Ketocal supplement is a commercially available supplement that provides precisely the high fat low carb ratio needed for the ketogenic diet to work.

We would do anything to keep our kids safe and to make their lives easier, right? If you have a child who is suffering from seizures and your doctor, dietitian and your family decides to try the ketogenic diet, check out Ketocal powder for epilepsy. According to some informal internet research that I have done, the ketogenic diet might reduce or end the need for medicine for some children with epilepsy thereby avoiding the potentially harmful side effects that result from medication.

If you have a child with uncontrolled epilepsy, you may wish to discuss with your child’s doctor whether Ketocal supplement is an option for you.